A weekend camp at Sandvlei Sea Scout base, by members of the 1st PAARL Scout group

Thank you to:
Dianca for writing the copy for this cool post!
Our scouters for arranging a fantastic outing!
Durand for putting it all online!

1st Paarl Scouts at Sandvlei Sea Scout base

The weather was warm and the conditions were perfect for rowing and sailing at the “vlei”.

We arrived at Sandvlei late the Friday evening and made ourselves at home in one of the boathouses.

We had our first lesson on how to do the rowing and the different parts and functions of the rowing boat were also discussed. We were taught to listen to the commands and to always row together as a team.

After a few hiccups at first, we finally got it right and rowed confidently around the “vlei”.

The highlight of the weekend was when we went sailing around the “vlei”. We were educated on the different parts of the boat and then we had to put up the sail.

1st Paarl Scouts at Sandvlei Sea Scout base

After untying the boat, the wind took to the sails and we were off. It was a great, free feeling. We frequently had to change positions and maneuver the sail, which made everything more exciting.

After a fun and educational weekend, we were on our way back home.

1st Paarl Scouts going out to canoe

All of us were totally exhausted and slept all the way in the kombi, driving back to the scout hall.

This was definitely a great experience for all of us and we hope that a visit to Sandvlei Sea Scout base will be arranged again soon. It is definitely something to look forward to.

1st Paarl Scouts sailing on the Vlei

Gallery – 1st Paarl visit to Sandvlei Sea Scouts base



  1. bryan vertenten |

    Hallo there. Just a short message to congratulate you on your 100th birthday celebration. I was part of the paarl scout club in 1982. The scout master of that time was very young, Eddie Seaman. Today just very…. and still the scout master.

  2. Hi Bryan Vertenten

    This is a very late reply to your message. It is great to hear from ex scouts of our troop!
    I am Petra, the very new Troop Scouter, following Jimmy Knaggs and before that Eddie Seaman.
    Eddie retired at the end of 2017, and still visit the troop periodically.
    I finally got round to explore the website and found your message.
    If you are still in Paarl vicinity, feel welcome to come visit.

    1st Paarl Scout Group

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